Closed Championships February - March 2017


Josh Amanor Ron umpire joe kaye mens doubles mixed


Men's singles  

Mitchell Jones (Vagabonds) beat Darek Zurowski (Polska) 6-11, 11-6,11-5, 6-11, 11-8

Ladies Singles

Sue Merican (Eastcote) winner; Shiromi Aponso (IFSport Spinners) runner-up (round robin)

Men's doubles  

Costas Papantoniou & Lucas Papantoniou (Apollo) beat Jamie Fisher & Mitchell Jones (Vagabonds) 11-4, 11-8, 9-11, 13-11

Mixed Doubles

Eliza Lewoszewska & Darek Zurowski (Polska) beat Fanny Speck (Eastcote) & Jeremy Banks (Maccabi) 11-8,6-11,12-10,9-11, 11-6

Veteran men's singles  

Darek Zurowski (Polska) beat Kiran Chidambaram (Eastcote) 11-9, 9-11,9-11,11-13 

Intermediate Singles:  

Arjun Arora (Vagabonds) beat Steve Dunn (Lowlands) 11-9,10-12,11-8,8-11,11-7

Minor singles 

Nigel Wong (Lowlands) beat Harry Mayar (Perivale) w/o

Junior Boys’ Singles

Joe Kaye (Maccabi) beat Branislav Živković (Lowlands) 6-11,7-11,11-8,13-11,11-9

Junior Girls’ Singles

Jessica Abrahams (Maccabi) winner; Khawla Yasmin (Crest Academy) runner-up (round robin)

Junior Boys’ Doubles

Sammy Kaye & Joe Kaye (Maccabi) winners; Branislav Živković (Lowlands) & George Long (Vagabonds) runners-up (round robin)

Cadet boys’ singles  

Josh Amanor beat Branislav Živković (Lowlands) 6-11,7-11,11-8,11-7,11-9 

Week 3 and Finals report

The last week (week 3) of the Closed Championships had just one last event before Finals night, the Veteran Men's Singles. 

In Group 1, Dov Katz won both his matches which left Ron Bryant and Ian Mablin to battle it out for the runner-up spot. A battle ensued, with Ron levelling the match 2-2 after being 2-0 down. However in the deciding game Ian edged to a win 11-6.  In Group 8 on the same table, Stuart Seaholme beat Bharat Malde and Maurice Naughton to emerge winner, and Bharat beat Maurice to finish runner-up. 

On Table 2, Costas Papantoniou won against Andrew MacAlister and Darren Reece with Darren finishing runner-up. Group 7 saw an almighty tussle between Radovan Zivkovic and Gary Morag, Gary winning 11-6. Radovan's first game against David James went the full distance with Radovan winning 11-3 in the deciding game to take runner-up spot, Gary winning the group. In Group 3, Kiran Chidambaram beat both Paul Martin and Steve Dunn to win the group, and Paul finished second. Group 4, saw Kevin Hill win the group comfortably and Nicusor Pupaza was runner-up. In Group 5, Dariusz beat Joe Joslin and Stephen Elliot to win, Stephen finished runner-up. 

Finally in Group 6 Jeremy Banks beat David Flynn and Nitin Rajdev, and David beat Nitin in 3 close games to finish second. 

In the last 16, Dov Katz beat Paul Martin, Dariusz beat Darren Reece, Jeremy beat Stephen Elliot, Gary Morgan beat Bharat Malde, Kevin Hill beat David Flynn, Kiran beat Radovan who retired ill, Stuart beat Ian Mablin and Costas beat Nicusor.  The quarter finals saw 4th & 5th seed pitted against each other, where Dariusz got the better of Kevin Hill. No. 2 seed Costas beat Jeremy Banks and 3rd seed Kiran beat Stuart Seaholme. The match of the round was between top seed Dov and unseeded Gary Morgan, Dov edging it in the 5th, 11-5. The semi-finals saw both the top seeds upset by their opponents.

Dariusz beat Dov Katz, 3-1 and Kiran did the same to Costas. So on finals night a new name would be engraved on the trophy. 

1st March - Finals night at Eastcote, witnessed 100+ crowd attend. The evening started with Cadet Boys final between Branislav Zivkovic and Josh Amanor on table 1 and the Intermediate Singles Final between Arjun Arora and Steve Dunn on table 2. Both matches were entertaining and both went to the decider. Branislav led Josh 2-0 only for Josh to win the next three to take the title (6-11,7-11,11-8,11-7,11-9. Arjun and Steve traded the first four games, and Arjun got a good start in the fifth to beat Steve 3-2 (11-9,10-12,11-8,8-11,11-7). There was a no show in the Minor Singles and Nigel Wong was the winner by a walkover. The first Men's Singles semi-finals followed, where Kiran Chidambaram was beaten by Mitchell Jones 3-1 (9-11,14-12, 11-8, 11-9). On the adjacent table another great match between Branislav (again) and Joe Kaye for the Junior Boys Singles. 

Once again Branislav led 2-0, only for Joe to win the next three to retain his title. (6-11,7-11,11-8,13-11,11-9). The other Men's semi-finals was a one sided affair with Dariusz outplaying George Long in 3 straight games, to face Mitchell in the last match of the night. 

The Veteran Men's Singles was played after a short break, where one table was removed and the other switched lengthwise to allow more room for the next matches. Kiran was beaten in 4 very close games by Dariusz, 11-9, 9-11,9-11,11-13. This was followed by presentation of the trophies for events completed prior to the finals nights  and those in the first half and thereafter by refreshments. 

Mixed Doubles finals was immediately after the interval and what another thriller. Jeremy Banks and partner Fanny Speck were determined to battle it out and stretched Dariusz (in his second final) with partner Eliza Lewoszewska to a decider, where the latter pairing won 11-6 to take the tile (11-8,6-11,12-10,9-11, 11-6) The Men's Doubles finals had Mitchell with partner Jamie Fisher face the Papantonious (Costas and Lucas). Costas and Lucas were determined to hold on to their title, and beat their opponents 11-4, 11-8, 9-11, 13-11. 

Finally the match of the evening had everyone wondering, Dariusz won the first game 11-6, only for Mitchell to edge ahead when he won the next 2, 11-6,11-5. Dariusz pulled the 4th game 11-6 to set up a nervous and thrilling 5th set which Mitchell won 11-8, to regain the title. What an evening. 

Sandra Deaton, Table Tennis England Chair, was the Guest of Honour and remarked that she enjoyed the evening and that the standard of Table Tennis was very good.

Tony Dias

Week 2 Report

The second week began with the Men's Doubles at Eastcote. Group 1 had a no show of Eren Gozcu & Gaurav Aravind and the withdrawal of Usman Qamar & Zef Holmes, but the void was ably filled by Jeremy Banks and Ron Bryant. Top seeds Costas & Lucas Papantoniou won the group comfortably, with Jeremy and Ron beating Gerry Hawkins and Andrew MacAlister to finish runners-up. In Group 2, the second seeds Mitchell Jones and Jamie Fisher made light work of their first two opponents to set up a deciding clash with Radovan Zivkovic & Kevin Hill. Mitchell & Jamie won 9, -6, 9 & 4. In Group 3, seeded pair Mohammad Owadally & Stuart Seaholme won their first group match comfortably as did the Kaye brothers, in their match. The match between these two pairings was  to decide the group winners. Sammy & Joe played very well to win 3-0 (5,4 &9). Stuart & Mohammad were group runners-up.

In Group 4, the seeded pair of Dariusz Zurowski & Marcin Pijanowski won the group with reasonable ease and Terun Desai with partner Paul Martin managed to sneak into runners-up spot winning in 5 against Brainslav Zivkovic and Joe Joslin. The quarter-finals was where there was a lot of interest in the match between Lucas & Costas and the 2015 champions Stuart Seaholme & Mohammad Owadally. First game to the Vagabonds pair 11-9. The next three were won by the Papantonious (11-6, 13-11 & 11-3). Dariusz & Marcin beat Radovan and Kevin in 3 games, and Sammy & Joe beat Jeremy & Ron in 3 straight games. The highlight of the quarter-finals was the match between Terun Desai and Paul Martin against Mitchell Jones & Jamie Fisher. The first set was won by Terun & Paul 15-13, and the next three were shared. The final game was a classic where the younger pairs prevailed 11-9.  The semi-finals were one sided affairs with the both the top seeded pairs winning 3-0. The final on 1st March will be between Costas & Lucas against Mitchell & Jamie.

Mixed Doubles played on Tuesday at Lowlands. Two groups of 4, where in Group 1 the match between Sally Bax with Stuart Seaholme and Sue Merican with Andrew Hagger went the full distance. Sally & Stuart won the last, just!, 12-10. Sue & Andrew went on to finish runners-up and Stuart & Sally were group winners. The other pairings of Shiromi Aponso and Ron Bryant, and Jessica Abrahams with Sammy Kaye, gave a good account of themselves, in closely fought matches against the other 2 pairs. In the other group, as expected, Eliza Lewoszewska & partner Dariusz Zurowski won the group with Fanny Speck & Jeremy Banks runners-up. Yoey Pang & Harry Maxwell and Shabnam Yasmin with George Reidy played well enough but came up against two pairs who were able to win the key rallies when it mattered.

In the semi-finals, Fanny & Jeremy caused an upset, knocking out last year's champions Stuart & Sally 11-9, 11-9, 11-9. Sue & Andrew had a duel with Eliza & Dariusz in the second game with the score reading 23-21 to the latter pair, bringing back memories of when games were played up to 21. The finals will see both teams from the same group, and the question is will Fanny & Jeremy reverse the outcome?

On Wednesday the second half of the Men's Singles was played at Eastcote. Number 2 seed Costas was ill and withdrew, leaving Branislav & Dele to decide winner and ru7nner-up. Branislav duly won. Group 4, number 4 seed Mohammad Owadally duly won his group with Dick Crockley finishing runner-up. In Group 7, the key match was between Kiran Chidambaram and Vasile Spinul. Kiran won in 4 to top the group and Vasile was second.

In Group 8 the first match was a keen encounter with the defensive play of Kevin Hill just edging past Joe Kaye's attack (11-9, 11-7, 8-11, 11-8).

Karol Dawidek, gave a decent account of himself, but was unable to get past the other 2. Group 9 saw Dov Katz emerge winner with straight set victories over the others. Gary Morgan was runner-up with wins over Bharat Malde and Inti Siddiqui. In Group 10 Sammy Kaye won the group beating Steve Leven and Andrew MacAlister in straight sets. The runner-up was Andrew in a keenly fought match against Steve Leven. Both the Committee Members played with good humour and determination. Andrew led 2-0, only  for Steve to battle back to win the next two. The final game was won by Andrew 11-9.  In Group 14, George Long won the group comfortably, and again the runner-up spot was decided in 5 games with Terun Desai coming back from 0-2 down to win the next 3 against Bradley King.

The last 32 of the knock-out stages saw most of the seeded players duly win their matches with ease. The exception being the match between George Long and Gary Morgan. The 2 traded the first 4 games. The final game was a closely fought one, but George managed to get to the winning post 11-7.

In the last 16, Kiran Chidambaram beat Sammy Kaye 3-0, George Long beat Kevin Hill 3-1, Branislav Zivkovic beat Vasile Spinul 3-1 but the match of this round was between Dov Katz and Mohammad Owadally. The first 4 sets were shared. In a seesaw battle in the final game, Mohammad led at the halfway stage only for Dov to fight back to draw level at 8-8, and edge to the winning line 11-9.

Both the quarter-finals were closely fought ones. Branislav was beaten by George 6-11, 11-3, 7-11, 8-11. In another classic match which went the full distance, Kiran and Dov treated the spectators with topspin rallies interspersed with blocks, drop shots, punches and smashes. In a nervous final game Kiran managed to win 11-8.  The semi-final line up on Finals night will see Mitchell Jones play Kiran and Dariusz Zurowski play George.

Minor Singles followed on Thursday. George Reidy won Group 1 with Vassil Dontchev finishing runner-up. In group 2 the match of the evening was the deciding match between Dylan Tailor & Shiromi Aponso. Dylan won the 5th

14-12 in a game that saw fortunes fluctuating. Sue Merican won Group 3 with Arman  Minnaspour Moghadam Nia, runner-up. Nigel Wong won Group 4 and Harry Mayar was runner-up. In the quarter-finals George beat Shiromi in another 5 setter, 11-8 to George. Harry Mayar got the better of Sue Merican 11-5, 8-11, 11-9,11-9. Dylan beat Arman and Nigel beat Vassil.  In the semi-finals George Reidy was beaten by Harry Mayar 3-1, and Nigel got the better of Dylan in 3 close games, 11-8,12-10,13-11.

Cadets & Junior events were held at the Crest Academy in Neasden, thanks to Jason Sugrue. Junior Boys and Girls Singles were the first events on. In the Junior Girls event, Jessica Abrahams started very well winning her first match against last year's runner-up Khadeejah Yasmin 3-0, and went on to beat the others in the round robin to win the title quite comfortably. Khawla got the better of her sister Khadeejah to take runner-up spot. The other participants were Rawdah Boulg and Zara Ankouni.

The Junior Boys event had a few withdrawals and the original 8 groups were reduced to 7. All the seeded players lived up to their seeding's and duly finished group winners. In the last 16, George Long, Saachin Bhatt, Branislav Zivkovic, Sammy Kaye Joshua Amanor, Joe Kaye, Thevian Loganthan and Ameer El-Hilali won their matches. George had a straight set victory over Thevian though there were opportunities for Thevian to nick a couple of the games. Branislav & Sammy won their quarter-finals easily. Joshua Amanor started brightly against Joe Kaye, winning game 1, and then there were 3 close games where Joe just shaded it to set up a meeting against elder brother Sammy.

The semi-final of George against Branislav brought memories of their encounter in the Men's quarter-finals. In a reversal of that event, Branislav beat George 3-1 to emerge victorious. In the battle between siblings, Joe and Sammy won a game each, and Joe just sneaked the third. In the fourth game Joe led 10-5, only to lose the next 5 in his anxiety to close out the match. He got ahead in the next rally and Sammy just hit a topspin long in the rally that followed, to give Joe the match. The final will be a repeat encounter of last year's final between Joe and Branislav.

The cadet boys had a few new faces - Sami & Aayan Masood, Evan Tran, Morgan Buckmaster, Jordan Holmes-Walker & Elias Amini. These youngsters gave an encouraging account of themselves.  Aayan and Evan went through to the knock-out stages. All the seeds progressed to win their groups. Branislav continued his winning streak beating Vraj and Arjun in the quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively. Arjun had earlier beaten club mate Rajiv Padman. In the other half Thevian Loganathan got the better of Saachin Bhatt to face team mate Joshua Amanor. The encouraging aspect of the knock-out rounds was Evan Tran's victory Roumaldo Mateos to face Josh, where he was unable to match his earlier efforts. Joshua had a 3 game win over Thevian, but all three games were close, 11-9 11-8 & 11-9.

The Junior doubles was a round robin series with a number of matches going the full distance. Arjun and Rajiv pushed George and Branislav all the way losing the 5th game 8-11. Similarly the Kayes won their match against Josh and Thevian in 5 games, the last 11-7. In a battle between Joe & Sammy and George and Branislav, the Maccabi pair won 13-11 in a closely fought 5th game. Branislav & George also scrapped through beating Josh and Thevian 11-7 to end as runners-up. The Kaye brothers beat Arjun and Rajiv 3-0 to retain their title. The quality of doubles play was of a very high standard and bodes well for future championships, where I expect we will see much mor4e of these duos.

Tony Dias

Week 1 Report

The 2017 Closed Championships began with the Intermediate Singles event at Eastcote TTC on 13th February. In the previous week top seed Nitin Rajdev withdrew from the event. A revised group 1 was played with Vraj Pathak, Shiromi Aponso and Daniel Toppin. Both Shiromi and Daniel had comfortable wins over Vraj. The match between these 2 went to a decider which Shiromi won 11-4. Group 2 saw the shock exit of number 2 seed Alistair Prades losing to Dele Adeniran and Nadeem Aslam. Dele won the group beating Nadeem 3-1. In Group 3 Harry emerged top winning both his matches 3-0, and Gaurav Khera was runner-up. A two player Group saw Stephen Elliott cause another upset beating number 4 seed Joe Joslin 3-1. In Group 5 young Arjun Arora won both his matches with Steve Dunn  finishing second. Group 6 had intriguing encounters between the 3 players involved, sixth seed Ron Bryant, Inti Siddqui and Jeet Tailor. All the matches were 4 setters, with Inti winning both his to finish top and Ron was runner-up.

In the knock-out last 16 round, Steve Dunn beat Nadeem Aslam 3-1, Inti lost to Gaurav 1-3Daniel Toppin lost to Ron Bryant 0-3, Joe Joslin was beaten by Arjun 3-1. Quarter-finals saw Gaurav Khera beat Stephen Elliott 3-0, Ron beat Dele 3-0, Steve beat Shiromi, and fifth seed Arjun beat 3td seed Harry Maxwell. In the semi-finals a pumped up Arjun was victorious over Ron 3-0, but the match of the evening was the other semi-final between Steve Dunn and Gaurav Khera. Steve started brightly winning the first game only to lose the next 2 and trail 1-2. The 4th game was a battle which Steve just won 12-10.

In the decider Steve raced to an early lead and retained it through the rest of the game and won 11-5. The finals will eb intriguing as both players are from the same group and have clashed previously in a league encounter in Division 4.

The Ladies Singles event, held the next day at Lowlands TTC, was disappointing as two ladies withdrew at the last minute. However the 4 participants, Sally Bax, Shiromi Aponso, Yoey Pang and Sue Merican gave the watching crowd an entertaining night of table tennis. Yoey started brightly against Sally in the first round robin match, winning the first game, only to lose the next 3 closely, deuce, deuce and deuce. On the adjacent table, Sue Merican led 2-0, but Shiromi pulled out all stops to win the next 3 and the match. Sue then played Sally and with a lot of energy and purpose surprised Sally to win 3-1. Meanwhile Shiromi beat Yoey 3-0. In the final matches Sue beat Yoey 3-1 and the match between Shiromi and Sally was a classic encounter with the first 4 games being shared. The 5th game was a close encounter with both ladies trying their best to keep up with each other, however Sally used all her guile to prevail and won 11-8. This led to a count back to decide the champion and runner-up. Sally ended up in 3rd place, with Shiromi runner-up and Sue Merican the champion. 

Wednesday 15th February was the first of two Men's Singles match days, the second will be on 22nd February.

Top seed Mitchell Jones won  Group 1 comfortably, with David James finishing runner-up. Group 3 had 2 players and Eren Gozcu beat Paul Martin 3-0.

Lucas Papantoniou beat Akash Shah and Usman Qamar to win Group 5 with Akash Shah finishing as runner-up. In Group 6 Darren Reece upset 6th seed Marcin Pijanowski, coming from 2 down to win the next 3. He also beat Joe Joslin 3-0 to top the group with Marcin being runner-up. In Group 11 former champion Dariusz participating after a break in the last few years, won the group beating Zef Holmes and Antony Budden. Antony was runner-up. 

Group 12 had Jeremy Banks, Carl Breindel & Nicusor Pupaza. Carl won the group beating both Jeremy (seeded 1) and Nicusor. Jeremy was the runner-up.

In group 13, 13th seed Radovan Zivkovic had a good match against Gaurav Aravind, winning the group after beating Stephen Elliot. Gaurav also beat Stephen to finish as runner-up. 

With the two top seeds having a bye in the knock-out round of 32, the other group winners and runner-ops had to battle to progress. Akash Shah beat Antony Budden 3-0, Carl Breindel lost the battle with other youngster Gaurav Aravind 10-12, 11-8, 11-9, 9-11, 3-11. Darren Reece beat Paul Martin 3-0, Dariusz Zurowski beat Jeremy Banks 3-0, Radovan Zivkovic beat David James 3-0 and Lucas Papantoniou beat Marcin Pijanowski 3-1. 

In the last 16 Mitchell Jones was a comfortable winner against Akash Shah, and similarly Gaurav beat Darren Reece 3-0. In a match between two pumped up players Dariusz Zurowski got the better of 3rd seed Eren Goszcu, 3-1 (11-5, 14-12,  9-11, 11-8). Lucas beat Radovan in the last match of this stage 3-0.

The quarter-finals were one-sided, Mitchell beat Gaurav 3-0, and Dariusz got the better of Lucas by the same margin. Both winners are in opposite sides of the draw and are looking forward to finals night.

Tony Dias

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