Closed Championships 2009


Polish Delight as Tomasz triumphs

Tomasz Gretschel of Carrara Polska TTC won the men's singles prize at the Wembley & Harrow Table Tennis Closed Championship with a commanding performance on the Finals Night at the Eastcote Community Association last week. He came through the strongest field for many years - in the event as a whole there were no fewer than nine players ranked in the top 100 in England for their respective categories, including all four of the men's singles semi-finalists - to win his first W&H title in exciting style.

In the semi-finals, Tomasz overcame former champion Costas Papantoniou in four games, whilst Koji Hirota beat reigning champion Ashley Stokes in a thrilling five-set encounter in which the fourth game reached an incredible 23-21. Tomasz, retreating to the back of the court and using his 6ft 2in height to maximum advantage, then played the perfect match against the counter-hitting Koji, winning in three straight games.

There was further success for the Carrara Polska club as doubles specialist Darek Zurowski and Klaudia Szadkowska won the mixed doubles and then Darek teamed up with Dov Katz of Maccabi to win the men's doubles. Both finals saw some extended rallies and top-class tactical play.

In the ladies' singles, Veronika Poymyetyeva recovered from two match points down in the third game to beat Sally Prowen in the deciding fifth game of a very close final. Veronika's success, based on a topspin attack, was the first senior title for a Kenton player for many years. Sally took revenge in the ladies doubles final as she and Sue Merican beat Veronika and Diane Reade in the final.

Costas Papantoniou won the veteran men's singles for the sixth year running - Radovan Živković was his latest victim in the final. And Costas' two sons proved to be chips off the old man's block as Mikael took the boys' singles and junior doubles titles whilst the younger Lucas was the winner of the cadet boys' final.

W&H Closed Championship results

Men's singles semi finals Tomasz Gretschel (Carrara Polska) bt Costas Papantoniou (Apollo) 7-11 11-8 11-9 11-6

Koji Hirota (DHSG Progress) bt Ashley Stokes (DHSG Progress) 11-8 11-13 12-10 21-23 12-10

Men's singles final Tomasz Gretschel bt Koji Hirota 11-7 11-8 11-8

Ladies' singles Veronika Poymyetyeva (Kenton) bt Sally Prowen (Maccabi) 9-11 9-11 12-10 11-9 11-7

Men's doubles Dov Katz (Maccabi) & Darek Zurowski (Carrera Polska) bt Stuart Seaholme & Glen Wilkes (Vagabonds) 12-10 11-6 8-11 12-10

Ladies' doubles Sally Prowen & Sue Merican (Eastcote) bt Diane Reade (Hillingdon) & Veronika Poymyetyeva

Mixed doubles Klaudia Szadkowska (Carrara Polska) & Darek Zurowski bt Sally Prowen & Dov Katz 11-8 11-6 11-6

Veteran men's singles Costas Papantoniou (Apollo) bt Radovan Živković (Lowlands) 11-7 11-4 11-3

Veteran ladies' singles Sally Prowen bt Diane Reade

Intermediate singles Felix Wang (Hillingdon) bt Mustafa Mohseni (Headstone) 11-5 13-11 11-6

Minor singles Gavin Williams (Hillingdon) bt Miroslaw Koslowski (Eastcote) 11-6 11-6 11-9

Junior boys' singles Mikael Papantoniou (Apollo) bt Pritesh Kakad (Urban Progress) 11-6 11-8 11-5

Cadet boys' singles Lucas Papantoniou (Apollo) bt Matthew Ong (Harrow)

Junior doubles Mikael Papantoniou & Pritesh Kakad bt Hassan Siddiqui (Lowlands) & Justin Ho (Harrow)


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