Closed Championships 2011



Eli fights back to take title

Eli Baraty was crowned men’s singles champion at the Wembley & Harrow Table Tennis Closed Championships with an exciting victory in a close-fought final against Darek Zurowski. Eli, from the Maccabi club, used an array of services followed by topspin attack to gain the upper hand and withstood a determined fightback from Darek, who plays for DHS Greenhouse Progress, in the final game. He became the fifth different winner of the event in the last five years, having previously won it himself in 2004.

Sally Prowen made it a Maccabi one-two as she beat Sally Bax of Sudbury Hill in straight sets in the final to win her first Ladies’ Singles title. But in the mixed doubles final, Eli and Sally Prowen were unsuccessful, losing to Sara Williams and Radovan Živković in another five-setter. Meanwhile, Darek was a winner in the men’s doubles with Stuart Seaholme – they beat Jojo Senorin and Gary Morgan in the final.

Costas Papantoniou may have lost his eight-year crown in the Veteran Men’s event – Jojo Senorin was the winner this year – but his sons made sure the family would not go home empty-handed as they won three events between them – Mikael the Boys’ Singles, Lucas the Minor Singles and both of them the Boys’ Doubles. Lucas was also runner-up in the Cadet Singles. Whilst the brothers are both outstanding players for their age, the event also showed that there are several local players pushing them hard – the entries for the boys’ and girls’ events were up on previous years and the standard of play at this level was particularly high.

The Championships’ Finals Night was held at the Eastcote Community Association hall, watched by a large crowd which included several League vice-presidents, the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr. David Yarrow, and the LOCOG organiser of the London 2012 table tennis event, Richard Scruton. Matches were umpired by nationally-qualified officials and the evening was very well organised by Tony Dias, Ron Bryant, Doreen Stannard and the League Committee.



Closed Championships scoreboard


Men’s singles

semi final:  Eli Baraty (Maccabi) bt Costas Papantoniou (Apollo) 11-8  6-11  11-6  11-9

semi-final: Darek Zurowski (DHSG Progress) bt Gary Morgan (Vagabonds) 11-5  11-13  11-5  10-12  11-4

final: Eli Baraty bt Darek Zurowski  5-11  11-6  12-14  11-9  11-6

Ladies’ singles: Sally Prowen (Maccabi) bt Sally Bax (Sudbury Hill)  11-8  11-6  11-8

Men’s doubles: Stuart Seaholme (Vagabonds) & Darek Zurowski bt Jojo Senorin (Vagabonds) & Gary Morgan 11-7  11-6  11-7 

Ladies' doubles: Sally Prowen & Doreen Stannard (Eastcote) bt Sue Merican & Fanny Speck (both Eastcote)

Mixed doubles: Sara Williams & Radovan Živković (both Lowlands) bt Sally Prowen & Eli Baraty 11-8  4-11  9-11  11-9  11-9

Veteran men’s singles: Jojo Senorin by Gary Morgan 12-10  6-11  9-11  11-7  11-9

Veteran ladies' singles: Sally Bax bt Sally Prowen

Intermediate singles: Craig Thompson (Brunel Univ.) bt Ausin Beigi (Eastcote)  11-9  10-12  11-8  11-7

Minor singles: Lucas Papantoniou (Apollo) bt Andy Hardy (Maccabi) 11-8  11-7  11-9

Junior boys' singles: Mikael Papantoniou (Apollo) bt Lucas Papantoniou 11-9  12-10  11-5

Cadet boys' singles: Abdi Hamed (Capital City Academy) bt  Lucas Papantoniou (Apollo)  9-11   4-11  11-4  11-6  11-4 

Junior doubles: Mikael Papantoniou & Lucas Papantoniou bt Abdi Hamed & Kieren Kerr (Capital City Academy) 11-4  12-10  11-6


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